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On the Implementation of IoT-Based Digital Twin for Networked Microgrids Resiliency Against Cyber Attacks

The increased rate of cyber-attacks on the power system necessitates the need for innovative solutions to ensure its resiliency. This work builds on the advancement in the IoT to provide a practical framework that is able to respond to multiple attacks on a network of interconnected microgrids. This paper provides an IoT-based digital twin (DT) of the cyber-physical system that interacts with the control system to ensure its proper operation.
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Distributed Simulation Using DDS and Cloud Computing

NASA Langley Research Center identified a need for a distributed simulation architecture that enables collaboration of live, virtual, and constructive nodes across its local area network with extensibility to other NASA Centers and external partners. One architecture that was prototyped and evaluated employed Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware and the GovCloud cloud computing service. The nodes used DDS to exchange data.

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The Cloud Manufacturing research project investigates how digital technologies can enable 'on demand' manufacturing. The research adopts the methods of cloud computing and crowdsourcing, hence bringing new models for open innovation within the manufacturing space to enable new organisations to arise without the need for a large capital investment. This approach proposes a radical departure from the current philosophy of manufacturing ICT and we are exploring the benefits of using Connext DDS as part of a multi-layered architecture where manufacturing entities participate and contribute with information, and support different services to the manufacturing life cycle, supply chain, consumers and users of the products.

Cloud Manufacturing: a proof of concept of Manufacturing-as-a-Service. G. Terrazas, D. Sanderson, E. Kelly, S. Ratchev. In 3rd EPSRC Manufacturing the Future Conference, 2014


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Want to intern at RTI?! Looking for a US Citizen to help on a government research project!


We are looking for a student knowledgeable in the ways of linux, and interested in
the cloud.  You need to be available immediately to help us implement a cloud
computing prototype using OpenStack.  

The student will have the opportunity to come and work at RTI for 4-6 weeks!!  

This is a PAID position - what more could you ask for?!  Well... this could also be
used to support your thesis work if it aligns.

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