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Want to intern at RTI?! Looking for a US Citizen to help on a government research project!


We are looking for a student knowledgeable in the ways of linux, and interested in
the cloud.  You need to be available immediately to help us implement a cloud
computing prototype using OpenStack.  

The student will have the opportunity to come and work at RTI for 4-6 weeks!!  

This is a PAID position - what more could you ask for?!  Well... this could also be
used to support your thesis work if it aligns.

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Collaborate with RTI in your research. Come to RTI's HQ in California to do research!


Are you doing Academic Research in Distributed Systems? Does your research require many computers or aplications to communicate over the network? Are you interested in Publish-Subscribe and Data Distribution Technologies? Secure middleware? Robust / Highly-Available Distributed Systems?

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