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Failed to create Topic using an existing participant

Hi, I'm using Connext 5.3.1. I get the following runtime error. What could be the issue?

DDS_Topic_createI:!create presentation topic
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'dds::core::Error'
what():  Failed to create Topic

My code is like this

codedds::domain::DomainParticipant existing_participant = dds::domain::find(DDS_DOMAIN_ID);

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Unknown Source error

I am getting an error when I call the DomainParticipant enable() method.  Here are some lines of code in Java that I am using.

final DomainParticipant = participant;

DomainParticipantFactoryQos factoryQos = new DomainParticipantFactoryQos();

DomainParticipantFactory.The ParticipantFactory.get_qos( factoryQos );

factoryQos.entity_factory.autoenable_created_entities = false;

DomainParticipantFactory.The ParticipantFactory.set_qos( factoryQos );

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How to get participants IPs

I need to know IP addresses of hosts of participants subscribing a specific Topic. Is there a built-in topic that contains IP addresses of hosts? How to find this information from the middleware?


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