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Publishing ConnextStaticSerializedData type object through RTI Connector

I am interfacing `ROS2` with native `RTI DDS Connector` for python where I am publishing messages in RTI connector and subscribing in ROS2.

I am trying to publish a ConnextStaticSerializedData type message, but encountered an issue where transport info do not match:


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Is there a way to specify which QoS profile a domain participant uses via XML?

Hey there,

I'm using the rti python connector for building a testing API and I need a way to specify the QoS profile for some of my domain participants. Currently they all are using the default profile which works for some topics but produces a mismatch for others. In general I can subscribe successfully to every topic but publishing does not work for some topics due to a QoS mismatch. As far as I can tell there's no functionality in the python connector for setting a QoS profile like there is mentioned in the RTI manual.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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