Reconfigurable Manufacturing System

The Evolvable Assembly systems project will adopt the methods of context-awareness, multi-agent swarm intelligence and self-adaptation. Context-awareness will provide each individual element with the understating of the surrounding environment; multi-agent swarm intelligence will support system self-organisation based on a community of autonomous and cooperative entities; and self-adaptation will allow the development of a goal driven collective behaviour leading to purposeful system evolution. The proposed programme is a radical departure from the current philosophy of reconfigurable manufacturing - it will create a framework for autonomous context-aware and adaptable assembly and manufacturing systems that can co-evolve with products, processes and business and social environment. This transformational approach presents theoretical, technical and social challenges that demand new fundamental multidisciplinary research.

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Reconfigurable Manufacturing System using Connext

Hello all,

I am working on a solution for Reconfigurable Manufacturing System using Connext as the middleware and Zigbee as communication protocol. If anyone has any supporting literature, suggestion, insight or any related work, kindly let me know.

Many thanks in advance.


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