DDS inside a Windows Service

I'm trying to run a simple Connext 5.1 publisher inside a Service on Win7 but do not see any DDS traffic. The service runs as LocalSystem and appears to run fine. The service is running on a separate machine from the subscriber so this is not a shared memory problem.

Event log messages I added show that the correct domainId is picked up from the environment. The two machines can nddsping each other. When I run the service as an application in VS, the DDS messages are published fine so the fundamental publishing code appears ok.

Sending a simple text message with Connext

with assistance from G-d

Although it may be simple,

how do I send a simple message from one computer to another,

for example, let's take the HelloWorld example

(referred to in 

RTI Data Distribution Service
Core Libraries and Utilities
Getting Started Guide

4.3.2 (page 57-65))

if I have built and run the example, 

and everything works fine.

Now - how do I open a subscriber on a different computer (which is in the same LAN),


Reconfigurable Manufacturing System using Connext

Hello all,

I am working on a solution for Reconfigurable Manufacturing System using Connext as the middleware and Zigbee as communication protocol. If anyone has any supporting literature, suggestion, insight or any related work, kindly let me know.

Many thanks in advance.


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