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Subscriber as docker container in Windows fails to communicate to Publisher in Linux

Our subscriber is running on a windows OS and its QoS is pointed to the IP of the Publisher running as docker container in Linux VM.

As docker creates its own private network 172.X.X.X , my subscriber fails to join the subnet mask as the publisher is, hence its losing the data packets.

RTI DDS version -

Docker for Windows - 17.12.0-ce

Please suggest if there a way to fix this through QoS or any other setting.


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TypeCodes dont match

I have generated a reader in Labview and a writer in Java. When I look at the the AdminConsole in RTI Connext. The Type/Ordinal amtches exactly, but the TypeCodes are diferent. With the exception of the lowest level elemnet in a cluster. The TypeCode generated by Labview is always larger and the writer and reader don't match. Is there a way to mdify the typecode in LV?

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