Distributed Simulation Using DDS and Cloud Computing

NASA Langley Research Center identified a need for a distributed simulation architecture that enables collaboration of live, virtual, and constructive nodes across its local area network with extensibility to other NASA Centers and external partners. One architecture that was prototyped and evaluated employed Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware and the GovCloud cloud computing service. The nodes used DDS to exchange data. GovCloud was added as a potential solution to enable other Centers and external partners to join the distributed simulation through an existing trusted network, removing the need to establish case-by-case interconnection security agreements. The prototype architecture was applied to an airspace simulation of manned and unmanned vehicles exchanging Auto-Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) messages. Various configurations of nodes were run and evaluated to assess the architecture with respect to upfront investment to augment a node for the architecture, integration and interoperability of nodes, performance, and connectivity and security.

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