Gayraud Thierry

Supporting End-to-end Scalability and Real-time Event Dissemination in the OMG Data Distribution Service over Wide Area Networks

Assuring end-to-end quality-of-service (QoS) in distributed real-time and embedded (DRE) systems is hard due to the heterogeneity and scale of communication networks, transient behavior, and the lack of mechanisms that holistically schedule different resources end-to-end.

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Design of Low Cost PC-based Simulators for Education and Training Purpose Using DDS

Abstract—The use of simulation in training and education enables to prepare personal in realistic environment. But the cost and the complexity to create and reuse simulations often limits their application. In this paper we investigate a low cost; and high fidelity PC-based simulator based on Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware. The main parts of the systems and the architecture, including the hardware and the software are introduced.

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