Creating a simple chat program

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Creating a simple chat program


I am assessing the capabilities of RTI Connext by creating a simple chat program. This program is a proxy for something more complex. However, the rather trivial program is proving to be much more difficult than I thought.

The minimum requirements are simple:
- Connect n-participants at random on same network without multicast and no prior knowledge of nodes (i.e. without using NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS).

From there I would like to:
- Same as above but on two different networks.
- Ideally able to use Python or JS connectors ( This means using the basic set of API provided.

I have found presentations about discovery proxies ( but lacks implementation details. I am aware of connecting domains over WAN using Routing Service but the project requires open-source software.

Any helpful resources would be greatly appreciated.

- Josh

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Hello Josh,

I am Gianpiero from RTI. I wroted a very simple chat application using the nodejs connector. You can get the .js file and the related xml file from here. If you already downloaded the connector you can save the chat directory inside examples/nodejs. Once there just run node chat.js and it should work. 

The app will ask you for a username and then wait for your input. He will send the message to all the other participant. Let me know if you can get that working. 

As for your other requirements (no multicast and no prior knowledge of nodes), I know that here in RTI we are working on something that can help you with that issue.
I would suggest you contact your local RTI representative to arrange a call. If you don't know who that is, you can contact me at [email protected] and I can arrange it.

Looking forward to hear from you on both issues,