RTI Recordering Service crashing

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RTI Recordering Service crashing


While trying to use the RTI Recorder it crashed right after starting it. In the config file for the recorder we specified that it should use our QOS to create the recorder's participant, and removing this (thus making the recorder use the default RTI QOS) stopped it from crashing, however now it can't record our data which is using a different QOS. After some trial and error we reached the problemetic definition in our QOS which was causing the crash:













We solved the problem by having the recorder use an identical QOS without these properties set, and now it records data just fine.

The question is, why are these properties conflicting with the recorder, is it intentional? 

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Hello Meir,

Unfortunately this is a product limitation in 4.5e - it is documented that the Monitor Library doesn't work with Recorder, and it is a bug that it crashes instead of doing something reasonable like printing a warning.  This was fixed in 4.5f - the Monitor Library now works correctly with the Recorder tool, so you can monitor it like any other DDS application.

Thank you!