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video over dds


I have software from University Of Granada (i think you have listened about it) for Video over DDS. I have project in this area to analyzes the QoS over DDS like latency,performance and throughput  

the header of this software with this name (University Of Granada  Video Over DDS) 

i want the documentation of this software or other software to analyze the video over DDS

I need it as soon as possible

thanks alot.

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I am one of the authors of the DDS Video Demo. I did not understood what do you need exactly for your purposes (documentation, binaries?)


Unfortunately there is not publicily available documentation yet of this demo.


Please, give me a more details of what you are looking for

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May be it is possible to generate the c++ documentation using doxygen (

I am using it to regenerate documentation from source code, it is easy to use and helps understanding the source code.

Is it possible to share the source code of the video demo, this could be unteresting for me.

I have proposed an example for reading and wrinting video file using DDS.

Please see my previous comments in this forum to see the basics of the code.




Akram Hakiri

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hi all,


thank you for your reply, i need any documentation about this tool please as soon as possible

and regarding to Akram post is there an open source code for this tool?

and how can i get it from the live cd?


thank you in advance,