Error while running routing service

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Error while running routing service

Hi everyone,

My name is Chane. I have a problems when I am trying to run routing service example (Java) on RTI Routing Service User’s Manual Version 5.2.3 (Chapter 8) and the error message as shown below.

If anyone has any experience with this topic, please suggest me. I would greatly appreciate for your help.

Kind regards,


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In the 2nd and 3rd lines of the error you can see that it is trying to set some qos with a string that has a bad format (set NDDS_DISCOVERY_PEERS...).

I am guessing that either in your QoS file or in your routing service config file (simple_file_adapter.xml) you are using that string where you should instead just be using the 4@builtin.udpv4... part.


After that you're getting an error which is a general java error and is most likely related to a certain jar not being in the right library (I am guessing the SimpleFileAdapter class is supplied in the example, possibly the guide says where you need to put it?).


I hope this helps,