Getting Started: Problem with step 3, start the subscriber

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Getting Started: Problem with step 3, start the subscriber

Hello, could anyone help me with a problem? I'm reading the "Getting Started" and I have done all the steps, one by one. However when I start the subscribing application (writing runSub) I get this error:

RTI Data Distribution Service No source for License information
Please contact with any questions or comments.

Exception in thread "main" error creating entity

at rethrow<Unknown Source>
at<Unknown Source>
at<Unknown Source>
at com.rti.simple.HelloSubscriber.main<>

I don't know where the error is. Some help?

Thanks in advance.


I've solved my problem! I found this message with the same problem:

I have just created a new environment variable (RTI_LICENSE_FILE), and I have set to point to the full path of the license file, including the file-name (for example, C:\RTI\rti_license.dat).

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Glad you found the solution to the problem! Thank you for pointing the prior entry on the forum. We should probably colect that knowledge into a "solution" and enhance error providing a pointer to the solution to help future users.