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QoS Question

I have a question regarding quality of service (QoS) and how to "dynamically" set it up on the data reader side.  For example,  if all I know is the domain ID number and a topic name string,   how can I query a data writer ( publisher ) to get its QoS so that I can successfully setup a data reader to obtain data?   In other words, can I setup a participant in a domain and query for QoS settings on each data writer in that domian?   

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One one to get information from a remote entity (e.g: DataWriter) and dinamically create a matching one (e.g: DataReader) would be to subscribe to the Built-in topics. In that way you can access all the (propagated) QoS of the remote entity and write some logic to create the create a matching local entity. 

Here is an example on out to use bult-in topics: https://community.rti.com/examples/builtin-topics

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