How to use the Real-Time WAN Transport

In Connext DDS Professional 6.1.0 and above, a new UDP-based transport is available for communicating over a wide area network (WAN). 

The Real-Time WAN Transport is a smart transport that enables secure, scalable, and high-performance communication over WANs, including public networks. Real-Time WAN Transport uses UDP as the underlying IP transport-layer protocol to better anticipate and adapt to the challenges of diverse network conditions, device mobility, and the dynamic nature of WAN system architectures.

Real-Time WAN Transport provides the following capabilities:

  • NAT (Network Address Translator) traversal: Ability to communicate between DomainParticipants running in a Local Area Network (LAN) that is behind a NAT-enabled router, and DomainParticipants on the outside of the NAT across a WAN. This functionality is provided in combination with Cloud Discovery Service.
  • IP mobility: Support for network transitions and changes in IP addresses in any of the DomainParticipants participating in the communication.
  • Security: Secure communications between DomainParticipants using Security Plugins.

Real-Time WAN Transport does not require third-party components, such as STUN servers, or protocols like SIP to handle session establishment. Using a single API and security model, you can leverage the extensive capabilities of the Connext DDS framework and ecosystem, including tools and infrastructure services, even for real-time connectivity from edge to cloud and back in highly distributed systems that communicate across wide area networks.

To get started using the Real-Time WAN Transport, see the example on Github here.

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