Problems starting RTI Analyzer: Blank screen, No license prompt

Note: FlexLM is no longer a dependency for RTI Connext 4.5e and above.

Typical symptoms:

  • RTI Analyzer comes up as a blank Eclipse window.
  • RTI Analyzer does not prompt for your new license.
  • RTI Analyzer is not operational.

If you have upgraded your RTI Analyzer to a new version, or if you have a new license (to replace an expiring one), there are a few things that might go wrong you should be aware of.

RTI Analyzer does not support workspaces used by prior versions of RTI Analyzer. If you do not change your workspace—either at start up of Analyzer when prompted, or after start up by using “File -> Switch Workspace” to create a new workspace—RTI Analyzer will not work. 

Note: You must specify a brand new workspace that has never been created before.

If Analyzer still does not work correctly (blank eclipse screen, or locked out) and does not prompt you for a new license, then you will need to adjust the license file and path used by the Flex License Manager (FLEXlm)  to point to your new license.


  1. Open regedit
  2. Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> FLEXlm License Manager
  4. Modify value data to point to new license file.


  1. Edit file $HOME/.flexlmrc
  3. Modify value data to point to new license file.

Example of contents of .flexlmrc:

RTID_LICENSE_FILE = /home/username/userlicense_directory/old_License_exp_20101231.dat

Alternately, you may delete the entry (Windows) or File (Unix/Linux) to force Analyzer to prompt you for a new license upon start-up.

Additional "Gotchas":
On MS Windows 7 and Vista you must remember to run Analyzer as Administrator.
(see RTI_Analyzer_GettingStarted.pdf, section 3.1, "On a Windows Vista system")