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VS Express 2015 - unresolved external symbol __iob_func

When attempting to compile the provided Hello-i86Win32VS2015 solution under $(DOCUMENTS)\rti_workspace\5.2.3\examples\connext_dds\c++\hello_simple\win32, I receive a LNK2001 error. I am running Visual Studio Express 2015 on 64-bit Windows 7 Professional.

The error's description is "unresolved external HelloPublisher symbole __iob_func", and the file listed is nddscz.lib.

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[Reposted] How to add an idl file to the project

Hello everybody

I use an evaluation license and I want to use an idl file in my MFC project, but once I add the idl file to source filter of my project  I get MIDL error and the project does not build.

Could you tell what exact steps I should take to build such a project? I add the idl file to "source files" filter; then add another filter to the project and add the autogenerated files to that.

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