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LNK2019 Error

I have multiple idl files, I but all of them in the sam directory.

I was able to generate the project files using rtiddsgen.

When I attempted to build the generated project, I kept getting LNK2019 errors.

Does anyone has any idea as to why I'm getting that or how can I overcome these errors?

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Custom build rule in Visual Studio

Hi everybody,

I have a bunch of IDLs (nearly 100), which is an easy job to do on Linux using a makefile. But now I have to use those IDLs in Visual Studio 2012 (C++). I don't like to add each and every single IDL file manually, defining the command line and the output, as it is done eg. in the Hello_idl example. Is there a way to define a build rule, so that I can simply add all my IDLs somewhere and Visual Studio does the rest?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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