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Performance implications for using XTypes

We are looking into using the DynamicData / DynamicType interfaces specified by the DDS-XTypes standard. The spec mentions "may be lower performance to use than plain data objects" for the use of "dynamic language bindings". Before we dive deeper into trying it and building prototypes with that we would like to ask for an assessment about the performance implications. We are intrested in a rough estimation (rather then exact numbers).

Is the performance impact mostly limited to the discovery phase or does it affect the handling of every single message?


An Extensible Architecture for Avionics Sensor Health Assessment Using Data Distribution Service (Draft)

Avionics Sensor Health Assessment is a sub-discipline of Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM), which relates to the collection of sensor data, distributing it to diagnostics/prognostics algorithms, detecting run-time anomalies, and scheduling maintenance procedures. Real-time availability of the sensor health diagnostics for aircraft (manned or unmanned) subsystems allows pilots and operators to improve operational decisions. Therefore, avionics sensor health assessments are used extensively in the mil-aero domain.

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