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Undefined reference to dds::core::<SOME_EXCEPTION> on Raspberry Pi

Hi there.

I've been searching the internet the whole day for a solution to this problem, but I simply cannot find one.

I'm cross compiling a C++11 NDDS application for the Raspberry Pi using RTI Connext DDS 5.2. I'm using a self compiled toolchain for gcc 5.2 following the instructions in the HOW TO for NDDS on Raspberry Pi.

I am facing a problem with the exceptions in the dds::core. My code compiles just fine, but the linking fails, when I implement error handling with exceptions. The error looks like this:


The project focuses on acquisition, distribution, and storage of health and smart-home data. The university's Ambient Assisted Living lab is continuously running research and development projects that use RTI Connext. The projects are used in under graduate and graduate courses as well as research projects with focus on electronic patient records and distribution of health data.

The focus of the project is to model a wind farm and the data distributed therein. Siemens Wind Power in Denmark is loosely affiliated with the project. The project is used as basis for under graduate and graduate courses as well as research in distributed control systems, network communication, and optimization.

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Configuration of Routing Service

This is a follow up on a question posted in the general section. (http://community.rti.com/forum-topic/it-possible-rti-routing-service-raspberry-pi)

We are trying to use the RTI Routing Service in a setup like the one described in the picture below (picture created by Gerardo Pardo):

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