On the Implementation of IoT-Based Digital Twin for Networked Microgrids Resiliency Against Cyber Attacks

The increased rate of cyber-attacks on the power system necessitates the need for innovative solutions to ensure its resiliency. This work builds on the advancement in the IoT to provide a practical framework that is able to respond to multiple attacks on a network of interconnected microgrids. This paper provides an IoT-based digital twin (DT) of the cyber-physical system that interacts with the control system to ensure its proper operation. The IoT cloud provision of the energy cyber-physical and the DT are mathematically formulated. Unlike other cybersecurity frameworks in the literature, the proposed one can mitigate an individual as well as coordinated attacks. The framework is tested on a distributed control system and the security measures are implemented using cloud computing. The physical controllers are implemented using single-board computers. The practical results show that the proposed DT is able to mitigate the coordinated false data injection and the denial of service cyber-attacks.
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