Don’t Neglect the Data! Data Modeling for Interoperable Systems

The best way to architect your distributed system while driving down integration costs is to design your system of systems around one key property: inherent interoperability. But your design approach must embrace legacy systems. After all, you almost never start with a clean sheet of paper. 

Achieving interoperability is challenging for many reasons. Mainly, it's poorly understood and specified, and current design and architecture approaches never take the single most important thing into consideration: the data. Architecting your data is arguably more important than architecting your applications if you want your distributed system of systems to meet the requirement for semantic interoperability. Once you understand the movement and definition of data in a system, you can tackle almost any integration problem. 

This webinar covers how to begin to analyze and understand interoperability. It also lays the groundwork for data modeling that ultimately helps architect and design your systems for inherent interoperability. 

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