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DARGOS: a Highly Adaptable and Scalable Monitoring Architecture for Multi-Tenant Clouds

One of the most important features in Cloud environments is to know the status and the availability of the physical resources and services present in the current infrastructure. A full knowledge and control of the current status of those resources enables Cloud administrators to design better Cloud provisioning strategies and to avoid SLA violations.

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DDS-enabled Cloud management support for fast task offloading

Cloud computing has become an essential technology not only for web provisioning, but also in mobile scenarios. Mobile devices are usually resource constrained due to processing and power limitations, so typical applications are not easy portable. Battery draining and application performance (resource shortage) have a big impact on the experienced quality, so shifting applications and services to the Cloud may improve mobile user's satisfaction.

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 The Computer Engineering Department in University of Bologna is teaching DDS in its Computer Networks class. The course covers in depth the issues raised by design of typical distributed system services and those supported by the underlying infrastructure, specifically in for heterogeneous distributed systems even those consisting of many nodes.

The objective of this class is to give the ability to analyze the common solutions to problems in distributed systems, and provide the tools to follow the rapid evolution of Information and Communication Technologies, with particular attention to the realities of new developments of Internet services, specifically:

  • Scalability
  • Predictability
  • Concurrency and parallelism
  • Latency constraints
  • Partial Failure
  • Heterogeneity (at different levels)

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Course material covering DDS can be found at:

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