How to remotely monitor systems with time series and DDS

This webinar will introduce a way for an open-source time series database, InfluxDB, to be used in IIoT system monitoring.
It will highlight a new architecture that meets the software framework requirements by combining the capabilities of the Data Distribution Service (DDS), a standard from Object Management Group (OMG) for real-time data exchange with InfluxDB.

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How to check if a Persistence Service is running

Hello everybody,

I'd like to know if it is possible to check if an instance of Persistence Service is running in order to be sure that my samples are stored correctly in non-volatile memory.

I'd prefere not to use Remote Administration of the service.


Thank you in advance and best regards

DDS-enabled Cloud management support for fast task offloading

Cloud computing has become an essential technology not only for web provisioning, but also in mobile scenarios. Mobile devices are usually resource constrained due to processing and power limitations, so typical applications are not easy portable. Battery draining and application performance (resource shortage) have a big impact on the experienced quality, so shifting applications and services to the Cloud may improve mobile user's satisfaction.

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Development of a Trajectory Kernel for Autonomous Vehicles

This robotic application leverages RTI Data-Distribution Service to integrate the different components in a robotic system, such as trajectory generation, control, archiving, OPC components, etc.

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