RDDS: A Real-Time Data Distribution Service for Cyber-Physical Systems

Abstract: One of the primary requirements in many cyber-physical systems (CPS) is that the sensor data derived from the physical world should be disseminated in a timely and reliable manner to all interested collaborative entities. However, providing reliable and timely data dissemination services is especially challenging for CPS since they often operate in highly unpredictable environments. Existing network middleware has limitations in providing such services. In this paper, we present a novel publish/subscribe-based middleware architecture called Real-time Data Distribution Service (RDDS). In particular, we focus on two mechanisms of RDDS that enable timely and reliable sensor data dissemination under highly unpredictable CPS environments. First, we discuss the semantics-aware communication mechanism of RDDS that not only reduces the computation and communication overhead, but also enables the subscribers to access data in a timely and reliable manner when the network is slow or unstable. Further, we extend the semantics-aware communication mechanism to achieve robustness against unpredictable workloads by integrating a control-theoretic feedback controller at the publishers and a queueing-theoretic predictor at the subscribers. This integrated control loop provides Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees by dynamically adjusting the accuracy of the sensor models. We demonstrate the viability of the proposed approach by implementing a prototype of RDDS. The evaluation results show that, compared to baseline approaches, RDDS achieves highly efficient and reliable sensor data dissemination as well as robustness against unpredictable workloads.

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