This page contains a set of short informal recipes to help you solve common challenges you may face when using RTI Connext DDS. This recipes include topics such as configuring favorite IDE to work with our libraries, tuning the performance of your application, or configuring your firewall to let DDS traffic through.

You can contribute by commenting on existing HOWTOs or creating your own here (requires logging in).

This article summarizes common reasons why an application may have issues when sending large data. There are some common scenarios, such as IP fragmentation, asynchronous publication, etc...
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This article summarizes common scenarios why an application may not work properly after upgrading the Connext version.
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This article links documents that explain common scenarios when losing data between DDS applications. They may be related to the Qos configuration, socket configuration or even IP fragmentation.
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This article links documents that explain common scenarios when Connext applications are not communicating between them. This goes through the common transport-level or Connext-level configurations.
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This article describes th prices of registering with the RTI Support portal as well as the step to update an existing account.
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This article introduces connext-config, a new tool that facilitates the creation of build systems for RTI Connext DDS applications written in C and C++ using the popular tool chain GNU Autoconf and Automake.
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This article discusses the various problems and possible solutions to a design pattern you may encounter when architecting your DDS-based application.
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