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Is There a Benchmarking Tool That Tests the Performance of Multiple DDS Products As Well As RTI

Hi there,

I am a current PhD student working on "Experimental and Model-based Evaluation of DDS Performance and Security". As part of my research I am looking for a benchmarking tool that would allow me to performance test multiple DDS products such as Vortex OpenSplice and OpenDDS. I have experience performance testing using RTI's PerfTest application and would like to compare the results with other DDS products.

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Performance of Connext 5.3.1 on Beagle Black Bones (Perftest Benchmark)


I  am running RTI Connext 5.3.1 on a cluster of Beagle Black Bone (BBB) devices for a project. To benchmark the baseline maximum throughput for different data sample sizes, we used RTI DDS perftest 2.3.2.  I had some questions about the observed performance results and I will be very grateful if you can help me in understanding the reason behind the observed results. 

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