Toward the First Force-Reflection Experiment on the International Space Station

This paper introduces the Haptics-1 ISS Payload and experiment, which has been developed by ESA’s Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory.

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Operating Nomad during the Atacama Desert Trek

Nomad is a mobile robot designed for extended planetary exploration. In June and July of 1997, Nomad performed the first such mission, traversing more than 220 kilometers in the Atacama Desert of Chile and exploring a landscape analogous to that of the Moon and Mars.

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NASA uses Eclipse RCP and DDS for experiments on the International Space Station

Eclipse and DDS are going to space in 2013! The International Space Station (ISS) is used as a site for experiments any software developed as part of these experiments has to comply with extensive and strict user interface guidelines. NASA Ames Research Center's Intelligent Robotics Group is doing 2 sets of experiments, both with astronauts using Eclipse RCP applications to remotely control robots. One experiment will control SPHERES with an Android Smartphone on the ISS the other experiment will control a K10 rover on Earth.

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