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Running in Simulation Time

I would like to run my system in simulation time, rather than real time. Ideally, all components would be running in the simulated time domain. Is there any prior art for this mode?

Maybe one way would be to distort the QoS times according to a fixed time scale. Even better though, would be to have some way to use a simulated clock for all components.

The system can be limited to a single computer. The environment is pure SITL, not HITL, ofc.

Any suggestions?


A New Architecture for Automotive Hardware-in-the-Loop Test

As automotive electronic system design evolves, so must the HiL testbench and automotive test platforms. the fundamental functional design approach has been modular and ECU-centric, but the ECU count has steadily increased. the next big shift is to achieve functionality through the integration of multiple ECUs. Audi is responding to these challenges by radically re-thinking the architecture of the HiL test platform and defining a next generation approach.

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Addressing the Challenge of Distributed Interactive Simulation with Data Distribution Service

ABSTRACT: Real-Time availability of information is of most importance in large scale distributed interactive simulation in network-centric communication. Information generated from multiple federates must be distributed and made available to interested parties and providing the required QoS for consistent communication.

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The group focuses on the control of manufacturing machine systems with the aid of 3-D robotic simulation systems. We are setting up a Mechatronic Systems Platform to study problems characterized by the need for an integrated approach of product and production development and the need for agility in manufacturing environments. RTI's RTI Data Distribution Service is used to integrate robotic simulation systems with other simulators and hardware devices.

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