• RTI Connext DDS Professional

    Full download of the core libraries and add-on tools (requires registration on next page).

  • RTI Connector for Connext DDS

    A quick and easy way to access the power and functionality of RTI Connext DDS from a variety of different scripting languages, including JavaScript, Python and Lua.

  • RTI System Designer

    tool that allows you to graphically design and configure Connext DDS systems

  • RTI DDS Performance Test

    Combined latency and throughput performance test. Learn here how to architect, build, and run tests with RTI DDS Performance Test (VIDEO).

  • Wireshark for RTI Connext DDS

    Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer. It allows you to look at all the packets in an RTI network and capture the ones you want. The graphical display shows packets as they arrive, dissects packet contents and graphs the output for easy analysis.

  • RTI Shapes Demo

    RTI Shapes Demo is a free download that illustrates the powerful integration capabilities of RTI Connext DDS software. These include data-centric publish/subscribe, real-time Quality of Service (QoS), fault tolerance and automatic discovery.

  • RTI Community Github

    Includes dozens of projects illustrating RTI Connext DDS use cases.

  • RTI Prototyper With Lua

    Implementation of RTI Connext Prototyper supporting application development and scenario testing using Lua. See also blog posts.

  • RTI Connext View (Experimental)

    RTI Connext View is a tool to visualize the system connectivity showing all the applications in a domain, the topics, and the relationship between them.

Github Repositories

  • rticonnextdds-connector

    RTI Connector for Connext DDS is a lightweight connector technology that enables DDS data to be accessed with Javascript (Node.js), Python, and Lua.
  • rticonnextdds-usecases

    Case + Code, a series of examples illustrating RTI Connext DDS use cases. These DDS use cases help take you from the problem that you have–tracking vehicles, sending real-time data over a WAN or distributing video data to many receivers–to real coding and configuration that can get you started right away.
  • rticonnextdds-usecases-medical

    This RTI Connext DDS solution explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.
  • idl4-enterprise-architect

    Sparx Enterprise Architect Extension to generate IDL 4 (RTI Connext DDS) files from the model.
  • rticonnextdds-logparser

    RTI Log Parser for Connext DDS is a command-line tool that processes and enhances Connext DDS log messages making it easier to debug applications.

  • rticonnextdds-xml-output-utility

    A command line utility to output final XML values provided by a QoS Profile for RTI Connext DDS Professional.

  • rticonnextdds-ddsl

    The Data Domain Specific Language (DDSL) makes it easy and fun to work with strongly typed data in Lua. Lua, like JavaScript and Python, is a dynamically typed language that does not enforce data structure constraints.
  • rticonnextdds-reflex

    Reflection-based type modeling for DDS-XTypes. Map native C++ types to DDS-XTypes type representation directly.
  • rticonnextdds-reactive

    Reactive Extensions Adapters for RTI Connext DDS.
  • rticonnextdds-rdma

    Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) with RTI Connext DDS. Transfer data at 10s of Gbps over InfiniBand.
  • rticonnextdds-dnp3

    DNP3 Adapter for RTI Connext DDS Routing Service.
  • rtishapesdemo-android

    RTI Shapes Demo for Android is an application based on RTI Connext DDS that illustrates the powerful integration capabilities of the RTI Connext DDS software.
  • rticonnextdds-videodemo-android

    An Android application that uses RTI Connext DDS and the open source gstreamer multimedia framework to send a live video stream from one Android device to another.