A content-aware bridging service for publish/subscribe environments

Abstract: The OMG DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard specifies a middleware for distributing real-time data using a publish-subscribe data-centric approach. Until now, DDS systems have been restricted to a single and isolated DDS domain, normally deployed within a single multicast-enabled LAN. As systems grow larger, the need to interconnect different DDS domains arises. In this paper, we consider the problem of communicating disjoint data-spaces that may use different schemas to refer to similar information. In this regard, we propose a DDS interconnection service capable of bridging DDS domains as well as adapting between different data schemas. A key benefit of our approach is that is compliant with the latest OMG specifications, thus the proposed service does not require any modifications to DDS applications. The paper identifies the requirements for DDS data-spaces interconnection, presents an architecture that responds to those requirements, and concludes with experimental results gathered on our prototype implementation. We show that the impact of the service on the communications performance is well within the acceptable limits for most real-world uses of DDS (latency overhead is of the order of hundreds of microseconds). Reported results also indicate that our service interconnects remote data-spaces efficiently and reduces the network traffic almost N times, with N being the number of final data subscribers.

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