DDS-enabled Cloud management support for fast task offloading

Cloud computing has become an essential technology not only for web provisioning, but also in mobile scenarios. Mobile devices are usually resource constrained due to processing and power limitations, so typical applications are not easy portable. Battery draining and application performance (resource shortage) have a big impact on the experienced quality, so shifting applications and services to the Cloud may improve mobile user's satisfaction. However, available Cloud solutions are mostly focused on scenarios with slowly changing provisioning, which are unable to support and promptly react to short-term provisioning requests. To address the new scenario, this paper proposes a novel Cloud monitoring and management architecture based on the data-centric publish-subscribe Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. We present not only an architecture proposal, but also a real prototype that we have deployed in our experimental testbed. The experimental results show that our architecture is able to support the scheduling of highly dynamic tasks in the Cloud while maintaining low overheads.

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