RTI Connext Core Libraries

Note the following information when migrating from Release 6.1.0 to Release 6.1.1 or 6.1.2. Remember to regenerate and recompile your code, even if you do not make application changes. See Section 1.3. Upgrading Your C# Projects

A new C# API was introduced in release 6.1.0. (See Migrating to the new C# API.) In that release, the binding was distributed as a separate RTI package and via the NuGet package manager. Starting in release 6.1.1, the new C# API is included with Connext.

Starting in release 6.1.1, follow these instructions to upgrade your existing C# projects to the new Connext version:

  1. (Skip this step if you’re using nuget.org to obtain the Connext C# package.) Install the new Connext host and .NET support packages. See Installing Connext DDS in the RTI Connext DDS Getting Started Guide for information.

    Make sure your Nuget configuration (typically in the Nuget.Config next to your .csproj file) points to the new Connext installation directory.

  2. Update your .csproj files, using one of the following steps:

    • Edit the .csproj file and replace Version="<version>" with the current version. For example, replace Version="6.1.1" with Version="6.1.2", or

    • Update the version using the Visual Studio NuGet package manager, or

    • Run the following command in the directory where your .csproj file is to get the latest version: dotnet add package Rti.ConnextDds.Extra. (Don’t add .Extra to the package name if you’re using .NET Core 2.x or .NET Framework.) TopicQuery not Supported in C# API

TopicQueries are not supported in the new C# API. Support for them will be added in a future release.

See What’s New in 6.1.1 for more information on the C# API in 6.1.1.