4.1. Regressions in 7.0.0

The following regression occurs in Connext 7.0.0.

4.1.1. Core Libraries TCP transport debug library in Windows does not work with IOCP socket monitoring

This regression was introduced in 7.0.0. In release 7.0.0, the debug library for the TCP Transport does not work on Windows® systems when you set the property dds.transport.TCPv4.tcp1.socket_monitoring_kind to WINDOWS_IOCP.

Trying to use the library will result in the following error:

Mx02:c:\jenkins\workspace\connextdds\release7.0.0.0\x64win64vs2017\src\osapi.1.0\srcc\thread\thread.c:2179:RTI0x200003b:!precondition: "strlen(name) >= 16"
RTIOsapiThread_newWithStack:!create initialize

This problem will be fixed in an upcoming patch or release.