2.1. General Compatibility 7.3.0

This section describes compatibility issues that affect an upgrade to 7.3.0. It describes general, wire, and other compatibility issues between Connext 7.3.0 and previous releases.

Unless noted otherwise, the issues in this section do not apply to RTI Connext Micro.


For important information on new and removed platforms and features in Connext 7, see What’s New in 7.3.0. See also individual products’ Release Notes.

See Compatibility, in the RTI Connext DDS Core Libraries Release Notes for information about the RTPS versions supported for each Connext release.

See Product-Specific Compatibility 7.3.0 for specific issues.

See RTI Connext Performance Benchmarks for performance details in this release.

2.1.1. Wire Compatibility New default RTPS checksum mechanism

Starting in 7.2.0, the default behavior for the wire_protocol.compute_crc QoS setting in the WIRE_PROTOCOL QosPolicy changed. Now, by default, an RTPS 2.5 Specification-defined checksum is used in its 32-bit-long kind, which is transported on the RTPS Header Extension submessage. This behavior is different than in past releases, when an RTI-specific CRC-algorithm and a dedicated submessage were used. This change will break interoperability between 7.3.0 and previous releases, which do not support the new mechanism. An upgrade to 7.3.0 is recommended, since the legacy checksum mechanism is now deprecated and will be removed in the future. However, when interoperability with older releases is required, the checksum mechanism can be set back to the legacy one, by setting the dds.participant.wire_protocol.computed_crc_kind property (see the Properties Reference) to the CRC_32_LEGACY value, in addition to enabling the wire_protocol.compute_crc QoS setting (see WIRE_PROTOCOL QosPolicy (DDS Extension), in the RTI Connext Core Libraries User’s Manual).