2.3.1. General Compatibility 7.1.0

This section describes compatibility issues that affect an upgrade to 7.1.0. It describes general, wire, and other compatibility issues between Connext 7.1.0 and previous releases.

Unless noted otherwise, the issues in this section do not apply to RTI Connext Micro.


For important information on new and removed platforms and features in Connext 7, see What’s New in 7.1.0. See also individual products’ Release Notes.

See Compatibility, in the RTI Connext DDS Core Libraries Release Notes (7.1.0) for information about the RTPS versions supported for each Connext release.

See Product-Specific Compatibility 7.1.0 for specific issues. Type System Compatibility dds.type_plugin.dheader_in_non_primitive_collections incompatible with previous releases

Setting the dds.type_plugin.dheader_in_non_primitive_collections property to true makes Connext incompatible with previous releases that don’t have this property (but makes Connext compatible with other vendors). This property was added in 7.0.0 to make the serialization/deserialization of non-primitive sequences and arrays for XCDR2_DATA_REPRESENTATION compatible with the OMG ‘Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types for DDS’ specification, version 1.3 and with other DDS implementations.

This property is not enabled by default, but if it is (set to true), you will be incompatible with previous versions of Connext.