2.2.6. RTI System Designer XML files from 6.1.2 or earlier may not load in release 7.3.0 Removed wrong QoS elements from QoS policies

In previous releases, some QoS elements appeared in the wrong QoS policies in the QoS tab in System Designer. Those elements have been removed in this release. If you used these elements in an XML file in a previous release, they will no longer work in System Designer in release 7.3.0.

The removed elements are as follows:

  • table_allocation_block_size from DDSDatabaseQosPolicy

  • writer_depth from DDSDurabilityServiceQosPolicy

  • multi_channel from DDSDatareaderQosProfile

  • assertions_per_lease_duration from DDSLivelinessQosPolicy, only for DataReader and Topic QoS

  • cpu_list from thread, only for Event and Database QoS

  • cpu_rotation from thread only for Event and Database QoS

  • address_bit_count Changes in valid ranges of QoS elements to align with API

In 6.1.2.x and previous releases, there were discrepancies between ranges in elements defined by System Designer and ranges defined by the API. For example, in System Designer, the range for discovery_config.secure_volatile_writer.max_bytes_per_nack_response was 1 - INFINITE, but in the API In the Core Libraries, the range is 0 - 1 GB. In this example, System Designer has now adjusted its range to match the API.

Values like this one that were previously supported in System Designer but not by the API will now appear as an error in System Designer. Likewise, values that are supported by the API but not previously supported by System Designer, will no longer produce an error. Renamed shared_secret_algorithm to key_establishment_algorithm

The authentication.shared_secret_algorithm property has been renamed to authentication.key_establishment_algorithm. System Designer will ignore the old value when filling the “Key Establishment Algorithm” field in the Configure Security dialog. The following warning will be shown when the Configure Security dialog is open and the authentication.shared_secret_algorithm property is defined inside the selected Participant Qos:

Configure Security dialog warning