RTI System Designer Old types no longer accepted in group_data, user_data, or topic_data field

Because of the fix described in Changed elements, System Designer now only accepts xs:hexBinary values for the group_data, user_data, or topic_data field. Although System Designer accepts XML files that use the old format (by converting the fields to the new format), if you enter values in the System Designer application itself using the old format, System Designer will produce an error.

System Designer Old Notation Error XML file from 6.1.1 or above may not load in previous releases

In release 6.1.0, the <drop_incomplete_coherent_set> element was missing and has been added to the Presentation QoS Policy in System Designer in 6.1.1. Therefore, this element is not recognized by System Designer in 6.1.0 or earlier. As a result, an XML file created in System Designer 6.1.1 or later won’t load in System Designer 6.1.0 if the <drop_incomplete_coherent_set> element is in the file.