RTI Connext Micro Connext Micro 3.0.3 installation package currently compatible only with Connext 6.0.1 installer

Connext Micro 3.0.3 must be installed with Connext Professional release 6.0.1. It cannot be installed with release 6.1.0 or later. Note that, although you cannot install Connext Micro 3.0.3 with Connext 6.1.0 and higher, it is interoperable with Connext 6.1.0 and higher. Customers licensing Connext Micro will be notified when a Connext Micro release that is compatible with 6.1.0 or later installers is available.

See the Connext Micro Release Notes for more information on Connext Micro 3.0.3. Connext Micro 3 not compatible with DDS-level fragmentation in Connext 7

A DataWriter in Connext 7 using DDS-level fragmentation will not be able to communicate with a Connext Micro 3 DataReader. The Connext Micro DataReader will receive samples, but they will be corrupted. If you need to use DDS-level fragmentation with Connext Micro 3, contact support@rti.com.