RTI Connext Micro

The following compatibility problem exists between a Connext Professional DataWriter and Connext Micro DataReader when migrating to release 7.3.0.

In release 7.3.0, Connext introduced a feature to handle the padding bits in the encapsulation header of a sample payload. (See RTI Issue ID CORE-13906 in OMG Specification Compliance, in the Core Libraries Release Notes, for more information.) This enhancement was aimed at resolving a specific issue (RTI Issue ID CORE-9042 in Data Corruption, in the Core Libraries Release Notes) where DataReaders, configured with appendable types, might receive samples with incorrect values due to how padding was interpreted.

This change, however, may have led to a compatibility issue causing a Professional DataWriter to not match with a Micro/Cert DataReader in the following Micro/Cert versions: 2.4.12.z and lower,,,,,,,,, and 3.x.y.z.

For details on this incompatibility (which only happens under certain conditions) and instructions on working around it, see Extensible Types Compliance Mask in the Core Libraries Extensible Types Guide for more information.


By applying this workaround, be aware that you are potentially exposing your system to the issue initially addressed by the fix for CORE-9042. It’s important to weigh the benefits of restoring compatibility against the potential risks of encountering the original padding interpretation issue.